Ferry Ride in the Evening

I had been in the city to see a screening of an Israeli film ” a Matter of Size” with people from two meet-up groups, the Film Culture Club and the Hebrew Speaking meet-up group. It was a cozy set up in a restaurant on 57th street. It was a beautiful, clear evening, I took the following shots on the trip back to Staten Island.

All the passengers have boarded and the entrance ramps have been lifted off of the ferry just before we departed.

Mates and police man were on the decks below. one mate gave the captain the all clear for departure sign.

The ferry pulls out.

I refer to this water as ‘Making Soup in the Slip’.

A view of the Brooklyn Bridges lit up on the East river.

Looking to the west  side of lower Manhattan.

The work lights on the World Trade Center Tower have been colored, probably for the upcoming  4th of July Holiday. I wisj they had made red and white bands with a blue top. then it would resemble our flag, this way it looks a lot more like the French Flag.

As the ferry progresses acros the harbor, the Empire state building makes appearances in the skyline,  first  a small appearance on the east and then a little longer on the west side of the tower.  On the west it look larger.


Using the telephoto as we begin to lose view of the Empire state building.

Passing the Statue of Liberty.

Another passenger shoots photos from a lower deck.

Our Dark Wake.

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